Steps for Filing a Mechanical Repair Service Claim

Step 1:

Take your automobile to the issuing dealer.  If this is not possible, call the Administrator at 1-800-338-1233 for instructions prior to proceeding with repairs.

Step 2:

Prior to proceeding with repairs, have the Service Manager call the Administrator with estimated cost of repairs, for claim authorization.

Step 3:

The repair facility sends a copy of the completed repair order with authorized claim number and all supporting documents to Administrator as soon as repairs are completed.

Step 4:

You, the contract holder, pay the applicable deductible listed on the contract.

Your Benefits

As a mechanical repair service contract holder…

In the event that a covered component fails within the term and mileage period – and the vehicle has been properly maintained – you will be reimbursed for the cost of the covered failure subject to the terms and conditions of the service agreement – less the deductible you may be required to pay.

And, any number of the following benefits that may be applicable to the plan you purchased:

  • Towing – If required by the failure of a covered component
  • Rental Reimbursement – if related to the failure of a covered component.
  • Roadside Assistance – including towing, battery service, flat tire change, lock out, fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery

Toll-free assistance for answers to questions about the contract and general information.  Call your customer service representative at 1-800-338-1233.  Please locate your contract number (located in the upper left hand corner of the service contract) when you call.

Your Responsibilty

As the vehicle owner and the mechanical service contract holder:

  • Read and review the terms and conditions of the service contract.
  • Verify that the name, address and vehicle description in the “Purchaser” section is correct.
  • Check the sections “Years” and “miles” to make certain the proper coverage and term is noted.
  • Complete the required vehicle maintenance – as noted in the owner’s manual or established by manufacturer standards.  A claim may be denied if proper maintenance has not been performed and/or receipts for maintenance work cannot be produced.
  • Follow the claim procedures outlined here and in your service agreement when filing a claim.

Remember, whenever possible, always take your vehicle to the selling dealer for routine maintenance and mechanical repair – regardless of whether or not the work is covered by the service agreement.

Roadside Assistance


(review your agreement under “Towing and Roadside Service” to see if you qualify)

Customer Service Hotline


or email questions to
[email protected]