Repair Facility Procedure for Processing a Mechanical Repair Services Claim

Prior to contacting the Mechanical Repair Services Administrator:

  • Determine the cause, cure, and cost of the failure.
  • Verify that the failure is covered by the vehicle service contract and that the service agreement hasn’t expired by months or miles. Note the deductible.
  • Review your findings with the contract holder, noting what portion of the repair the contract holder may be required to pay – including the deductible. Advise the contract holder of the claim approval process.

Call: 1-800-338-1233
with a copy of the service contract and the repair estimate at hand.

Provide Mechanical Repair Services Operator with the following information:

  • Dealer’s name and telephone number
  • Customer’s full name
  • Customer’s contract number
  • Repair order number and date of failure
  • Year, make, model and VIN
  • Current odometer reading
  • The customer’s complaint
  • Diagnosis of breakdown and cost repair

You will then be given an authorization number, if the repair is covered, at which time you can proceed with the necessary repairs. Any claim papers must be received within 60 days of the authorization date.

Payment is made directly to the repair facility.

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